A clip triggers an intellectual crash

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In addition to clip things can do? Recently, the official microblogging published about how to make "long tail clip" to expand the infinite potential net posts attracted tens of thousands of users of the forwarding and interaction. When users see, you can in the supermarket, stationery shop to spend a little money can buy the "little things", actually can continue to transform "role", we have emotion, as long as willing to brain, life has more tips. A clip caused a large intellectual collision also spread on the Internet. Yesterday, as of press time, the Yangtze Evening News reporter saw on the Internet, only a long tail clip was excavated nearly 50 application methods, but also increasing ... ...

A hundred years ago the invention of small now continue to evolve into a "new invention"

Once, people used to pin to the paper together. But the needle will damage the paper, but also because punctured fingers. In 1901, the Norwegian inventor John Waller filed a patent application for filament paper clips (because of the absence of a patent filing system in Norway, Valle applied for a patent in Germany). Almost at the same time, several inventors have come up with a similar design. Since then inventors continue to improve the shape of the clip, and eventually made today's long tail clip (also known as the dovetail clip). The long tail clip is made up of a spring clip body and two longer spring-loaded spring-wire cards. The clip body is a spring steel plate formed once, and the tail handle is made of steel wire. Clamp the file after the steel card can be flat, easy to stack files, save space. This humble little things, for people's lives to bring great convenience, can be called a great invention. But now this little guy has been developed numerous new inventions.

In addition to clip things can do? After reading the answer to know friends, long tail clip as a common stationery, there is a reason. Say, you know what good usage? "December 8 At noon, the microblogging microblogging issued a summary of the nature of the microblogging, about 10 different applications of the long tail clip. Poster introduction, these ideas are collected from various types of sites to the hundred years ago, the invention of small now continue to be "invented" to explore one after another into a new invention.
In this case,
Universal stand, picture frame, small wallet tail tail turned surprised users

This reporter saw a wide variety of new applications of the clip. Like to use smart phones to watch movies, if the two long tail folder on the side of the folder in a piece of paper, a mobile phone holder was born. Watching movies or taking pictures when they do not have to hold the phone. If you want to use the phone when taking pictures more clearly some more professional, you can also DIY the long tail clip assembled on a tripod, make your smart phone stand more stable. Not only as a stent, but also replace the long tail clip frame. If you have a few small trumpet clip on hand, then use them to display photos or folder notes can not be better. Just put the photo clip on the clip, stand on the table can be. If the station is not stable, double-sided adhesive can be fixed to the clip.

In addition to entertainment, long tail clip or a good helper at home. Put the sponge on the edge of the sink, the wet bottom of the sponge will produce mold, but a long tail clip can solve this problem. The sponge will dry faster and more durable as long as the sponge is clamped and lifted upright. Of course, do not forget the most basic uses of the tail clip: folder things. If you can not find the bag, clip it with a long tail clip. Squeeze toothpaste trouble, then put the end of the toothpaste after the folder with a long tail clip.

Netizens feeling the strongest practicality is "incorporating cable and wire" this function. And the connection line battle is sometimes very headache, but with a long tail clip to keep the cable neat. Whether it's clip-on, hanging on the table, or winding around the headset, a long-tail clip can help you avoid knotting.

There are foreign long-tail folder use competition to inspire people to explore life's little wisdom

"This post is too practical, and I used to clip the list, it is too weak." "Only think of not impossible." The face of the magical effect of the clip, netizens have feelings clip has a large purpose, Users dug out of foreign sites have been held over a long tail clip use contest, all kinds of fresh applications so that users who shouting strong. Among them, the final winner of the game is a combination of methods, a small clip on a large clip in the above, and then clip the big clip on the edge of the plate, a small clip can be used to hang or clip things, and this combination of the most convenient place The small clip can be released by pressing the large clip.

"This small clip sets the application of a large clip is too convenient, I immediately still made a." Zhicheng release microblogging microblogging attracted tens of thousands of users forward and more posts, in addition to someone trying to fresh applications, there are a lot of people in the To share their tips with long tail clip, as of press, the Yangtze Evening News reporter saw on the Internet, only a long tail clip was excavated nearly 50 applications, but also continues to increase. But by the "universal tail clip", netizens are still sharing the life skills of other categories, there are users feeling "as long as willing to move the brain, there will be countless tricks of life waiting for mining."



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